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What are leads in real estate

What are leads in real estate ?

Started a business as a real estate agent, but you have no experience what is lead? So in order to get future clients in your real estate business, you must be proficient in lead production. If you can produce massive amounts of leads for your real estate business, you are going to create a successful business that will change your life drastically. In this article, I will share important information about what are leads in real estate and provide a step-by-step guide to generating leads as a new real estate agent.

What are leads in real estate ?

Real estate leads can come from anywhere. However, in most cases, real-estate leads come through referrals, advertising trade, and direct mail. A real estate lead is the contact information for someone who is potentially a future client. Lead is actually a potential customer who shows interest in your real estate business. It does everything possible, from meeting you at a networking conference or commenting on your social media posts. The goal of a real estate lead generation campaign is to turn a lead into a prospect, then turn them into clients in the future, and the last step is to convert them into clients. The success of your real estate business depends on the lead generation.

The Most Important Types of Leads in real estate to Know

The real estate office provides a list of possible ones. Calling and talking to all of them can be a waste of time because they have a lot of unqualified leads. Unqualified leads mean those who are not ready to buy a home at the moment.

The characteristics of an unqualified-Leeds are as follows.

1. Cannot afford to buy a home.

2. Aren’t ready to sell or buy a home.

3. They haven’t heard of your real estate agency.

4. They haven’t started the sales/buying process.

5. Typically, do not turn into customers who then provide referrals.

6. An unqualified lead has a higher churn rate, meaning they won’t work with you again.

Qualified leads are those who have continued the process of selling or buying. The other characteristics of a qualified-Leeds are as follows.

1. They’ve educated themselves on potential agencies.

2. There’s more of a relationship between client/agent.

3. They understand what they need and why

4. They know their budget.

5. A qualified lead is ready to buy or sell now.

What’s Your Lead Qualification Process ?

Some real estate agents do not have a lead qualify system. That’s why they spend time on all kinds of leads. This wastes a lot of their time. Before creating a lead qualifying system, you need to be clear about what kind of Lead you want to work with. In this case, you can keep in mind the level of your client’s income and the type of home they are looking for. This will make it easier to work with your potential client or complex sales. For this, you can create a grade lead of a neighbor. They may be someone who made a form on your website, or you had an initial conversation with them.

Using the BANT method is an easy way to score leads. BANT stands for:

Budget: What is the budget they have to buy a home ?

Authority: Do they make all of the buying decisions or are other people involved ?

Need: How badly do they need an agent to represent them ?

Timeline: When are they looking to buy or sell ?

Although the BANT method is very simple, it is very effective in finding different types of leads. By using it, you will find the right leads for you.

What Do You Do with Unqualified Leads in Real Estate ?

There are a variety of reasons why Leeds are ineligible. Should unqualified leads be discarded altogether? No, they should not be dismissed altogether. It is often seen that only a few percent of the Lead is ready to buy or sell. More than 80% of leads close after five touches. In the real estate business now, only 8% of salespeople follow up that many times. So you realize that building relationships with unqualified-leads is crucial. keep a list of unqualified Leeds newsletters. You can contact them once a month through this. You can also follow up on unqualified Leads by making a phone call every 3-4 months.

How to Nurture All Types of Leads in Real Estate

Having a system to communicate with leads at all points in a sales process is very important. Include CRM with your follow-up system to better manage your Lead. You need to decide how to follow up on your real estate business. You also have to decide how often you’ll follow up with leads.

For Example, You can decide that leads that get 5 points on your 10 points scale will get calls every month. They will also receive your newsletter. You can set many more if you want. You can set up an appointment for high scoring leads and more follow-up if you wish.

Amazing tips to generate leads in real estate

Build your own website

A well-decorated real estate website attracts more leads. With a website, you can engage real estate leads with your business by providing information, a variety of offers, and many more. You can add a landing page, offer page, lead magnet page, thank you page, and sales landing page, etc. Above all, keep an email pop-up on your website through which you can gather information from visitors and then convert them into leads by offering various offers and information. Another important thing is that your real estate website needs to be good at SEO.

Create Video Content 

The easiest way to produce continuous free leads is to create video content. Live generation real estate business has become very popular through video content. YouTube videos can be the future of real estate marketing. For this, as an agent, you need to upload videos of the properties as well as videos of various information, including the facilities in the vicinity of YouTube. Many people will want to be involved in your business as a result of this attraction of watching YouTube videos.

Add contacts to your CRM

Like every business, there are some tools in the real estate business. The customer relationship management (CRM) system is a relationship business tool in real estate. Using this tool allows you to save your contact information. This tool lets you see how many contacts you have and when you last contacted them. It also allows you to see if they have made any referrals. You can follow them up by looking at them. This is a very effective way of lead generation.

Meet new people

You need to collect leads to expand your real estate business. Meet new people is another way to generate leads in real estate. Don’t hesitate to meet new people every day. Here are some ways to communicate with new people

you can work as a Volunteer

Join a Meetup group

Join your chamber of commerce and attend events

Talk to your neighbors

you can join a gym

you can join an art class

Talk to strangers

In fact, your main purpose is to let people know that you are working as a real estate agent. But you have to focus more on building relationships. Try to gain people’s trust. If you can get people to trust you, they will be interested in buying or selling a home.


As a real agent, you can start a real estate blog. You can generate free leads through blogging. The task of lead generation through free blogging is not very easy. You have to very efficient for this. It is not magic that will generate a significant amount of leads without any effort on your part. Your blogging should always be informative. For this, you need to have good search engine optimization as well as useful content. Find ideas for new topics that listeners are looking for and come up with the right keywords. For this keyword research, you can use Ahrefs and Google Analytics tools. You can find topic ideas by doing keyword research through those tools. You can take a different look at your content with different types of infographics and charts.

Post your Real Estate Updates on Social Media

As a real estate agent, you have to work with social media like Facebook and Instagram. By posting regularly on social media, you can show people that you are a regular real estate agent. Promote what you are doing in real estate through these posts. You can present your successes in real estate to the people through posts. You can create your social media content through photographers and videographers. By constantly posting, you can increase your number of followers on social media and convert these followers into leads.

Use Facebook Advertising  For Real Estate Leads

As a real estate agent, you can generate leads using Facebook advertising. Advertising on Facebook is very affordable. Facebook offers different types of ads such as image ads, video ads, slideshow ads, collection ads, messenger ads, story ads, dynamic ads, etc. With Facebook Ads Manager, you can easily create ads for your real estate business. Paid Facebook ads are very important for bringing a certain number of audiences to your business. Facebook has 89% accurate results in terms of target campaigns. You can target your audience based on features such as location, demographics, interests, and behaviors. Facebook has advanced targeting options that make it unique from other social media. 

Facebook/Instagram Lives

Facebook/Instagram Lives is the easiest source for warm organic leads. Instagram or Facebook Live is a new but very important way to generate real estate leads. Through Instagram or Facebook Live, you can keep up to date on the success and activities of your real estate business. Seeing these will make people interested in your business. It works much better than posting on social media in the case of real estate.

Use “Coming Soon” And “Sold” signs

You can use “Coming Soon” and “Sold” signs to generate leads in real estate. It is a true way to generate interest in your properties. If you use “coming soon” signs for a home, it raises your lead expectations. In many cases, it even raises expectations many times before it hits the market. The “sold” sign is very effective in generating leads because the salt sign made them think that they have missed a good potential property and they would not want to miss such an opportunity anymore.

Organize educational events

You can generate leads in real estate by hosting educational events. By hosting events, you can create your own personal brand by teaching local consumers the current state of the real estate market, home sales information, rental information, how to search for a home, and more. You can also organize home buying seminars with local businessmen. You can also co-host an event with a mortgage organization to generate more Leads.


You can easily get quality leads in real estate through referrals. Statistics show that about 14% of the total population changes places every year. When you start a real estate business, your friends and family members are always the most immediate source of your business. Because you can get leads through referrals from family members or friends. According to NAR, 64% of sellers find agents through referrals from friends, neighbors, and relatives. And then work with them to buy and sell a home.

Pass Out Business Cards

Pass out business cards is a very effective way to generate leads in real estate. As a real estate agent, you must have a business card and keep it with you at all times. You must give your business card to the people you are meeting. People will be able to contact you later with this business card. 


“Reviews” play an important role in the case of generating leads in real estate. Nowadays, it has become very popular. Currently, 70 percent of people check online reviews before making a purchase. You must have a review page on your real estate website. Just looking at your review page will give people an idea about your business. The value of your business will depend on good reviews. If people get good reviews, they will be interested in working with you to buy and sell a home in the future. This way, you can generate leads for your real estate business.


Lead is the lifeblood of the real estate business. As a real estate agent, you need to know everything about lead. Because the lead generation process is very difficult, you have to work very efficiently. In this article, we have given ideas about different types of leads and how to work with them in detail. We also provide some tips for lead generation that will play an important role in lead generation in your real estate business. With your effort and time, you can improve your real estate business very quickly.

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