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Real estate website builder with idx

Real estate website builder with IDX

Real estate websites are your marketing strategy where all your guidance for the lead generation effort, from where you are getting potential clients. You will lose an important opportunity for your business if you do not have a good performing real estate website. An IDX real estate website has some special features that are not usually found on all websites. So your need a real estate website builder agency but nothing to worry about, we will discuss all the steps of how to generate a real estate website with IDX in this article.

What is IDX ?

The full form of IDX is Internet Data Exchange. The IDX real estate system is primarily for real estate brokers and agents in the United States. This allows the list containing MLS information to be displayed on their website and automatically updates its list.For visitors to real estate websites, IDX providers offer a special type of search functionality that allows visitors to select the real estate they needed.

Why is IDX Important for Real Estate Websites ?

When we want to get the updated information of property listing through the website, we need IDX compatibility which comes directly from MLS. This increases the amount of data your website can use. The advantage of finding your profile from a large number of lists is that it has increased the quality of your website so that you get leads from more traffic to your website.Every website builder company tries to provide real estate website with idx for their real estate client.

How to Build an IDX Real Estate Website ?

1. Choose a domain name for real estate website

You need to choose a specific plan for your real estate business first. Then you need to find a good domain name for your real estate business website. However, if you have a brand or agent name, you have to select it, otherwise you have to choose a domain name that is related to your real estate business. The domain name you choose must be unique, so that agents or brokers can easily remember your agency’s survival.Here are some things to keep in mind when choosing a domain name for your IDX real estate website

Consider brand and search ability:

You need to choose a domain name for your real estate website considering your location and your specialty. This will especially help your IDX real estate website rank in Google’s search engine.

Use a .com if you can:

Most buyer usually enter .com when entering a web address. There are many alternative domains like .net that can lose a lot of potential lead of your real estate website. So If possible, you need to use .com first Otherwise use .net.

Avoid using symbols:

It is very difficult to type any symbol on a mobile phone. And the symbols cannot be pronounced easily. As a result, buyers may have difficulty entering web addresses. With this difficulty in mind, we have to try to ensure that there is no symbol for the selected domain for our real estate website.Once you have found a domain name that suits the needs of your IDX real estate website, you need to complete the purchase process.

2. Create web hosting account

Web hosting is needed to keep a WordPress website live on the web at all times. So you must have a web hosting to keep your WordPress website live on the web all the time. Although websites can be created in addition to web hosting, we suggest that if you can, choose a web hosting company for your real estate website before creating a website. Because many companies have many plans that offer free domain with web hosting. Not only does this save you money, it can also easily add hosting and domains to your WordPress.

We recommend using Bluehost if you have not already selected a hosting company. Bluehost offers you hosting for less than $3 per month and is very easy to use. You can add it to your WordPress with one click. Additionally, you will receive a free domain business email address and a free SSL testimonial to protect your website from visitors.

3. build an idx real estate website in wordpress

* Sales Funnel design and strategy for generate lead

A real estate funnel is a system or method by which visitors to your real estate website will come and turn them into lead. At some point these leads turn into valuable clients for your real estate website.

Real estate sales funnels are different from conventional sales funnels. The first time a visitor comes to your website, there will be a webpage and landing page with information. These allow visitors to communicate with you or share their information with you.

You need to have a special presence online and have a social media account. Because after creating a real estate website, you have to advertise on social media. Be sure to check if your SEO is strong. You also have to do a lot of work to bring visitors to your real estate website such as you need to create high quality email and website content so that you can make your website trustworthy to your clients.

* Choose a Real Estate WordPress Theme and Plugin

Once your IDX software is selected, the next step is to select a theme for the real estate website. There are many themes in WordPress. From these you need to choose the best and most suitable theme for your real estate business. For this you need to have a good idea about some special themes.

Avada: It is currently the most sold WordPress theme. The reason why it is sold more can be understood by looking at its features. One of its features is that it is flexible, has multiple functional slider sections and its sidebar.

Enfold: It has distinguished itself from other themes by its speed and accuracy. It loads the features of your website very quickly and reliably and greatly increases your Page Speed ​​score.

* Professional Design and Strategically-Written Content

If you can compete with the competitors in your real estate business, you can benefit from the real estate business. By designing your real estate website well, you can attract your clients and you can improve your brand awareness. Since real estate is either an expensive venture or a rental venture, most customers can do a lot of research on their areas of interest before making a purchase decision.

The Internet is now the most common and easiest place to find a new home. A potential buyer may want to visit a few real estate websites before making a decision. The real estate business is so competitive that a real estate website has a few seconds to attract a potential customer. This means that the success of a real estate company depends largely on a well-designed real estate website. But you can’t ignore the importance of good quality content. Because a good quality content can win the hearts of your visitors. Nowadays most web developers recommend creating very good quality and unique content for your real estate website.

* Great Looking on Any Device or Browser

Running your real estate website well on all devices and all browsers is very important for your real estate business. Most people nowadays use Google for information about their home. Of these, 27% use their mobile phones to view information on Google. This means that the use of mobile phones is increasing day by day. Moreover, Google prefers mobile friendly websites considering its mobile friendly algorithm. So it is very important to run your website in mobile device. Because losing these 27% visitors is a huge loss for your real estate business. Good quality web designers create websites that adapt equally well to desktop computers or laptops or mobile phones and tablets. And being able to adapt to this plays a special role in the profitability of your real estate business.

* Professionally-Written Blog Posts That Build Your Credibility

A professional block plays a very important role for your real estate business. It enhances the credibility of your business i.e. builds their trust in your business through a professional blog. Because a buyer will come to you only when he has a hundred percent trust in your business. This will greatly increase the user’s overall loyalty to your brand.

This is an important part of your real estate business. Browsing and publishing real estate trades is one of the best tips for real estate blogging in the neighborhood. Another good aspect of real estate marketing is highlighting local events in your area.

* Expand Your Reach with Social Media

People’s attraction towards social media is increasing day by day. And through this social media, people get a lot of information they need. At least 44% home buyers use the Internet to search for them. Buyers are more likely to search online than for traditional real estate offices or references to their friends to find their new home. Now if you don’t bring your real estate business to the forefront of these social media users, you will not be able to engage this huge population with your business. If you don’t make your real estate business visible on social media, this huge number of people will not be aware of your real estate business which will never bring any benefits to your real estate business.

At present it is very difficult to get response from your potential customers. So it is very important to provide information on social media to get rid of them.Follow the steps below to get your real estate business up and running through social media.

1. Research Your Customer’s Persona
2. Define
Your Social Media Goals
3. Find The Be
st Social Media
4. Create High Quality Content
5. Pick A Target Audience And Advertise Smartly
6. Analyze, Optimize, and Repeat

* SEO Optimization and Rank your Blog in search engine

If your real estate website shows up at the top of the Google search engine, it will help your potential customers to find your real estate website. Doing SEO on your website will make it show up at the top of the Google search engine and multiply your visitors. You need to make sure that your website is informative and contains information different from other websites that will appeal to people in particular and try to keep the videos on your website between two and three minutes long which attracts a large number of visitors.

* Don’t forget to secure your idx real estate website either will be hacked

If you do not secure your website then your website will be hacked which will be very harmful for your business and your clients will be confused. A hacker can steal your website user information password and install malicious software which can do special harm to your user. As a result, the number of visitors to your website will continue to decrease.So if you tell your website builder company to have more security inside your idx real estate website, you can follow the procedure below.

Need your Word Press Updated:

We know that WordPress is an open source software. Being open source software, WordPress needs to be maintained carefully and kept up to date. By default, WordPress automatically installs minor updates. However, if there is a big change, you need to update manually.

Need to set Strong password:

WordPress hacking is mostly done by stealing passwords. For this you need to set a strong password so that things like password theft do not happen easily.

WordPress backup solution needs to be installed:
The best way to protect your WordPress website from attack is to install a WordPress backup solution. We have to keep in mind that nothing is 100% sure. If you have a backup before, after it is hacked you will be able to restore your WordPress website very quickly.

4. An IDX WordPress plugin

Plugins are a type of application that has to be integrated with WordPress. You can use it to view your WordPress theme or change its behavior. The IDX plugin converts data from your MLS to code. WordPress then uses this data code to create an interesting list for your website. With the IDX plugin you will find many more features including listing search, map search, lead capture.

* First Choose a IDX provider

Real estate brokers and agents should always keep in mind that its quality and experience are very important when choosing an IDX provider. IDX is a policy or software that allows any type of broker or agent to display a listing on their real estate website. You need a reliable program to retrieve information from IDX without crashing. In addition, you need an IDX that constantly updates its information, so that the published list data on your website is always updated.

* Approve your MLS on your IDX account

Only after installing IDX software and themes will your real estate website get a shape. You will then link it to MLS. This will activate the idea on your website and the MLS list will start appearing. The type of IDX system you have will depend entirely on its operation real builder with idx

Activating an iFrame

To activate an iframe IDX you need to enter some code from your IDX provider on the preferred signature page of your website. This code is placed on the admin page of your account or IDX provider’s website. Only after adding the code and saving the page will you be able to see its new feature along with the list of MLS.

Connecting Organic/RETS

There is a lot more work to be done for an organic or RETS system. As a result of this work you will get a strong SEO web site. To activate an organic or RETS system you will first need to access your MLS RETS server. You will need a username and password to access this RETS server. You can do this better by talking to the RETS administration and calling MLS. Then you need to explain that you have created an IDX real estate website with WordPress and want to know the information and features needed to access builder with idx

Use WordPress Plugin

Thousands of plugins have made WordPress great and attractive. By using these plugins you can builder the effectiveness of your idx real estate website . You can get all the themes you need by visiting .Below are highlighted about four of them


Mainly WPML is a translation plugin. Using it allows you to attract foreign buyers and create multilingual real estate portals.

WP Bakery Page Builder:

It is one of the best and powerful ads creators on the web.With its front-editor you can browse your own site and make some changes.

Yoast SEO:

it will permit you to optimize keywords and content.As a result, you can attract more visitors from Google and other search engines.

5. Setup on your website pages

It is very important to builder the idx web pages of your real estate website. Because even with an interesting theme and an IDX plugin, you can’t serve your clients unless you add and customize the pages on your website. You need to do something to add a new page to your WordPress real-estate website. First you need to navigate to the “pages” from the WordPress dashboard and click the “Add Pages” button. You can add the kind of real estate information you want to show your clients to your website as a widget or as a post. Below is a list of the pages that most IDX real estate websites have.

  • About Us
  • Contact Us
  • Homes for Sale
  • Buyers
  • Sell With Us
  • First Time Buyers
  • Blog
  • Neighborhood
  • Guides
  • Open Houses
  • Agents
  • Home Valuation Landing Page

6. Take Speed Test From Real Estate Website Builder Company

Satisfaction of your clients is very important for your real estate business. Visitors to your website will feel relaxed if data loads too fast on your real estate website. We all know the importance of a well-organized website but the first thing we notice when a website is opened is the loading speed of the website. If the loading speed of your website is low then it can annoy your potential buyers and they may leave your website too fast. As a result, the number of clients you get from your website will decrease day by day.

7. SEO and Social Media optimization Testing For Real Estate Website

Using SEO and social media you can expand towards your real estate business. Almost all people have social media accounts. Nowadays people use popular social media like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You can succeed in your business by creating appropriate pages on social marketing websites. You need to make sure that your IDX Real Estate website is well-represented on top social networking websites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and that your pages are informative and regularly updated. Those who are interested in buying real estate need to provide proper information. And this real estate business is such that they will need land or real estate as long as they survive.

If you follow the above mediums you can build a beautiful real estate website with IDX or with the above conditions you can build your website from being a website builder company.

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