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Facebook ads for real estate buyers

Facebook ads for real estate buyers

Currently, over 2.6 billion people use Facebook. And everyone is expanding their business easily using Facebook ads. The real estate business is no exception. As a real estate agent, you can integrate Facebook marketing into your business. Facebook ads are visual, affordable and so effective that they can get the right message across to the right audience. By using various tools Facebook you can easily follow your potential home buyers and by using it effectively the real estate business can be successful. In this article, I will share tips for creating “Facebook Ads for Real Estate Buyers” for real estate agents. Keep reading to learn about it.

Why Facebook Advertising is perfect for Generating Real Estate Buyer & Seller Leads

Facebook users collect a variety of data. Everything you do online is stored in the Facebook database. These data can then be used to predict you using a variety of algorithms and AI. It gives you an idea of ​​what you are going to do in the future. This is a very important part of the real estate business. For this special group of Facebook, you can list the properties according to the needs of your potential customers and give different types of ads on Facebook for those properties. What makes Facebook Ads Marketing so effective is that it delivers you, potential customers.

3 Key Elements for Generating High-Quality Real Estate Buyers Leads

1. A Useful Offer That Helps Potential Buyers

Nowadays most home buyers are looking for their next home online. Some people consider buying a home to be a valuable decision in their lifetime. That’s why they do a lot of research before buying a house. They want to do research to see if investing in their properties is worthwhile. Also, another thing he sees is that the house meets their list of all possible needs. List of home-related content homebuyers are looking for:

# Information about a community or area they are planning to move to

# Information about local schools in their target area

# How to get a mortgage for their first house

# What are all the costs involved with the home buying process

# Recently listed homes in their target area

# Recently sold houses in their area

We can offer the above list as an e-book.

2. A Landing Page To Send Targeted Homeowners From Your Facebook Ads

Landing pages play a vital role in creating buyers for your real estate business. When you advertise on Facebook for your real estate business, your potential buyers need to have a way to get to your website. Landing pages are a way for potential buyers to come to your web site by seeing advertisements. This means that when your potential buyers click on your Facebook ad, they will land on your landing page. This landing page should be designed as an entry point for the sales funnel of your real estate business. The landing page must have a call to action button. Through which they can go to the next step in your sales funnel. There are a number of things to keep in mind when designing a landing page. The landing page should have an attention-grabbing title with a variety of offers like e-books, home seller checklists, free videos, etc. Put only name, email, and phone number in the form created for collecting information of buyers.

3. Step By Step Blueprint For The Ultimate Facebook Real Estate Buyer Lead Campaign

All Facebook Ads Strategy:

1. Conduct a Personal Brand Audit for Professionalism, Authority, and Trust (P.A.T.)

Facebook is a visual medium. Choosing your personal branding is vital before spending money on Facebook advertising. You usually want to create Facebook ads that will not only give you leads but also it help you retain real estate branding. Before getting started you need to emphasize a few things.

Your website

Most homebuyers now use online to buy their home. You need a website to find yourself very easily online. When homebuyers search the search engine for their home, your website is in front of them and they can easily go to your website by clicking on it. Having a website for your real estate business will increase the loyalty of potential buyers to your business. Because fidelity is a big issue for selling a property in real estate because a home buyer spends a huge amount of money for his potential home. You can add various landing pages to your real estate website through which you can easily generate lit. And through lead nurturing you can convert them into your real estate clients in the future. You can add IDX to your real estate website so that it will display a list of MLS information on your website. As a result, you can get a huge amount of real estate clients.

Your logo

Your real estate business must have a logo. However, you can use it in Facebook ads or not. But if you use it in your Facebook ads on your website and landing page, you can convert more leads. People can easily recognize or remember you by this logo.

You’re high quality photo collection

You will need photos to create Facebook ads for your real estate. And these photos must be attractive and high quality. For this, you can hire a professional photographer. You can use a variety of tools to make your photos more attractive to your potential buyers.

2. Set Aside Part of Your Lead Generation Budget for Facebook

You must adjust your budget to advertise on Facebook. Real estate agents typically spend between $300 and $500. However, the task of formulating this budget is not very easy. Because the budget of these Facebook ads also varies a lot depending on your geographical location and the price of the house in your area. So if you want to do real estate business in an expensive or elite area then you need to increase your lead generation budget for Facebook ads.

3. Set up a Facebook Business Page

You need to create a Facebook ad page for Facebook ads. You can set a profile photo on the Facebook ad page. You can also set different types of information for your real estate business in addition to your business logo here. The Facebook business page has an interesting feature that allows you to invite your friends to your real estate business page. You can add your real estate website to your Facebook business page so that your website visitors can easily come to your business page. You can also keep in touch with your existing and potential customers through this page through posting and messaging. Creating a Facebook business page is a low-cost marketing strategy.

4. Run ads by specifying your Audience


For the real estate business to be successful with Facebook Ads, you need to have a good idea about the target audience. You can give Facebook ads using the zip code of the location where you want to do real estate business in that location. This will show your Facebook ads in front of potential clients of your target’s location.


Then you have to select another important thing is the language of the audience. If you can target a bilingual audience for your real estate business. If you want to do this, you need to select multiple languages.


Facebook allows ads to be targeted based on earnings, zip code, gender, marital status, and population. This allows you to present property ads based on the interests of your previous audience. This will allow you to deliver the right Facebook ads to the right interested home buyers.

5. Create an Leads Ad and Run Video Awareness Campaigns

Lead Ads is where you offer some free thing to get their contact information. Here you can find different types of homebuyer guides, lists of off-market properties, a list of home appraisal strategies, or any other content. Mainly, you need to offer some things for which they are motivated to give their contact information. Once you have collected their contact information, you can use it to send them personal advice as well as your property information. Currently, video content has taken a huge place on Facebook. This is because people feel more comfortable watching video content than watching traditional image or slide show content. One study found that watching video contacts made people 1.81 times more likely to buy products. So you can reach a new potential buyer through interesting video content. However, in this case, you have to take the duration of the video content seriously. Because people don’t like to watch long time videos. Most people watch video ads in less than 30 seconds. Deliver video content to people who are interested in your service through various Facebook campaigns.

6. Create Your Lead Magnet, Write Copy & Design Your Ad

What kind of Facebook ads you create for your real estate business is entirely up to you. But if you want to offer a piece of content as a lead magnet, you must first write and design it. And if you want to create a video ad, you must shoot the video. You can use a variety of emoji’s to keep your audience interested in reading your ad. Listeners prefer to click on different types of emoji. And as a result, you can get a lot of leads. The main purpose of your advertising campaign is to persuade your audience to take a specific action.

7. Install Facebook Pixel And Run Retargeting Ads

Facebook has an interesting and great tool which is Facebook Picture. Facebook Pixel makes your Facebook ads much more effective for real estate. It collects data from your previous buyers through your Facebook page and your real estate website. Collects all step-by-step information about people who have shown interest in your business or who have visited your website. Based on this information, Facebook Pixel creates a custom audience for your real estate business. Facebook Pixel confirms that these audiences will be your targets in the future. This allows you to redirect your Facebook ads to those who have shown interest in your business or visited your real estate business website. This makes it possible for your real estate business to have a lot of potential customers. A survey found that people who showed interest in your business or visited your real estate website had a 67 percent chance of becoming your potential customer next time. This information shows how effective Facebook Pixel makes your Facebook ads. For this, you must install Facebook Pixel.

8. Design Landing Page & Set up Retargeting

Even if you have a great Facebook ad, you won’t get enough leads unless you value your landing page. You must pay more attention to landing page design. An audience will come to your landing page as soon as click on your Facebook ads. Through this landing page, you can ask them for their contact information. Through this landing page, you can collect their contact information. As a result, you can communicate with them later and turn them into customers of your business. The landing page needs to be well-designed so that they do not return without completing the next steps. There are many people who already know about your real estate business or have visited your real estate website but are not yet encouraged to buy the property. You need to be encouraged by constantly presenting ads on Facebook in front of them. This is retargeting.

9. Experiment with Targeting Options

As a real estate agent you need to have an idea of ​​the interests and behavior of your target audience. Facebook has a very advanced audience targeting option which makes it unique from other social platforms.

Facebook has a number of targeting options:

# By location

# Age

# Gender

# Languages

# Custom lists (this custom lists created by Facebook pixel)

# By connection (those people already connect to your business page)

You can use any of these targeting options on Facebook. You can use not only one targeting option but you can also use all the targeting options if you want. If you want, you can create Facebook ads based on your audience’s behavior that will set your real estate business apart from your competitors. Not all types of listeners use the same type of device and operating system. You have to take this issue very seriously and in that way you have to create Facebook ads by thinking about the listeners of different platforms.

10. Create Lookalike Audiences

As a real estate agent, you need to have special knowledge about the behavior of current customers in the real estate business. Which will help you to use the advanced Facebook targeting option later. Lookalike Audience is a popular and effective targeting option on Facebook. There are three data sources for creating Lookalike audiences as Custom Audience, Website Visitors, and people that like your Facebook page. Through these three data sources, you will learn about people who have not yet been able to communicate with your business but have a lot in common with current buyers of your real estate business. They are more likely to be your real estate buyers in the future. You can generate highly-targeted leads by using Lookalike Audiences.

11. Facebook Traffic Campaigns

As a real estate agent, you need to drive traffic to your real estate website by conducting traffic campaigns. Usually, the traffic campaign should be conducted after the pages are completed. As a Facebook ad to your traffic campaign, you can add a property list of your real estate business or a new feature to your website that will help your audience find their new home. You can also add something that is not available to your competitors. In a traffic campaign, you will not share your blog posts from your website. The traffic campaign should be a special offer of your real estate business, which will take the audience to the landing page. So the offer of your traffic campaign should be valuable and should be accompanied by call to action. And in this call to action, you have to keep the steps to become your real estate business client. This type of traffic campaign can bring huge traffic to your website which expands your real estate business.

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